Monday, June 14, 2010

back in the saddle

So what does a girl who admits to being a little "burned out" on sewing do bright and early on the morning after her first craft show?

More sewing of course!  For my lil' guy this time. 

4 new pairs of shorts/pjs/loungers!  They work for it all, really.  All made with fabric that I've had sitting around (and even one I bought especially for him - love those swirlies!).  (And man...can you tell I'm a genius with the camera or what?  Yeah, I know - I need some white balance lessons....).

Gonna be a BUSY couple of weeks around here.  I have quilting bees to catch up on.  Birthday bunting to make.  A couple (or more!) of quilts to finish.  And a handmade doll to boot.  One just like this little girl....

Eeek!  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

changes are a comin'

I've been quite a few ways lately!  But I seem to have no time for blogging.  That and it started to feel a bit like a chore....which is always a sign to back off. So I did!  ;-)

The other thing that is beginning to feel like a chore somewhat is the shop, to be quite honest. I love it, I truly do....but with summer and sun and warm weather and strawberry picking and the pool open and bike riding and get the idea. I'm starting to feel burnt out on it. I want to craft, but I don't want to do it because I have to. Or at least not this time of year. Maybe in the winter when it's cold and snowy and we're holed up indoors. But not now. I just feel like I spend time working on orders and then I don't spend time working on the things I really want to work on. Like baby and birthday quilts (the number of quilt ideas I have in my head right now is scary). I want to make Noah shorts and have time to do it...not put it aside for another day because I have other orders to fill, know what I mean?

So I've decided to make a change, at least temporarily.  I'm closing the shop to custom orders.  I'll leave it open for now in case there  is something someone has really been wanting to order, but then I'm closing it up for a craft show I have this weekend, and when I open it again on Sunday, I'll only have ready to ship items in there.  I will still be selling, but I'll be listing things only after I've made them (when the mood strikes me!). 

And I'm hoping that doing this also means I'll be here more often.  When blogging isn't about "getting my name out there" for the shop, but more about the art of crafting...the process...and why I do it. 

I only learned to sew last May (I bet some of you didn't know that!), and I truly feel that I was meant to do it.  I am mostly self-taught (especially in the quilting department), and it brings me joy and satisfaction in a way I haven't experienced often.  I love quilting, and feel that is where I am the most creative.  I have so many ideas but I just seem to have no time to bring them to fruition.  I'm hoping this changes that!  ;-)