Monday, December 21, 2009

um, yeah.....

After cutting 200 squares, 50 circles, and getting ready to start applique-ing, there's nothing like having your son announce that "I don't want circles....I want squares like Lilah's quilt."


Luckily I have a solution to the problem. The fat quarter bundle I bought the fabrics with came with a fabric panel. Phew! This is one time I'm actually really glad I involved him in the process and didn't wait to completely surprise him on Christmas. I wanted to, but it's just not feasible. He often comes downstairs to play while I sew, and I just can't do it in complete secrecy all the time. Well, unless I start working a LOT sooner than I did, that is!

Off to start a new quilt.... :-) And actually, this one will be a LOT easier now too! Guess it worked out great for everyone!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

modern baby boy quilt

Phew! Finally done!

It's funny, I read a post a few days back on Amanda Jean's blog about how she made a doll quilt, and she said that the smaller the quilt, the longer it seems to take. I related to that so much with this quilt. I purposely chose to use a layer cake for this quilt and make it a baby size, so I knew it wouldn't take me long. I pieced it at my mother-in-laws two weeks ago and sure enough - no problem. Basted and quilted it at the same time. Again, no issues. But the binding....UGH - the binding on this one!

I only screwed up one corner....but it was still quite the trouble. I had to seam rip it, then cut off and replace the binding (thus also creating extra seams in my binding....and who wants those?). Then stitch it back down. Only - I mananged to stitch up to the corner, stop, and instead of flipping over my corner and starting again, I stitched it down! So, once again, I ripped that up and re-stitched it. And once again I stiched the same exact piece down in the same exact way!!!!!!!!!

Luckily those last two issues were super quick fixes but I seriously don't know what my issue was at the time. I'm happy to say it's done though.

Anyway - enough with the problems. Let's talk about the good stuff! I LOVE these fabrics. The line, again, is Arcadia. I used a layer cake and chose to select squares that did not have any of the contrasting orange fabric. I have another quilt planned with those fabrics! I selected one of the leaf prints from the front for the backing and bound it in a solid chocolate brown. I did minimal quilting on this. I only did straight lines vertically and horizontally through the center of each square. It measures approximately 37" square, and is now for sale in the shop!

I actually meant to post this a few days ago and have been very busy with new yummy things!!! I have a new dress for Lilah in the works that will also be a new addition to the shop, and Christmas projects are in the works. I started a quilt for Noah, inspired by this quilt, and have a few other small gifts planned. I honestly have no idea if I'm going to get them done or not. I simply waited too long to start. I thought I was going to have more free time this week to work on these things but for various reasons the hubby is going to be working his planned vacation. ;-( Oh well....I'll do what I can! Wish me luck!

another new dress

I have a large number of new items I plan on adding to both shops in the coming weeks. In my home shop I have napkins, bowl covers, kitchen wetbags and reusable snack bags.

At Noah and Lilah I have lots of new fabric selections for spring, as well as a new skirt style, top/pant options for both boys and girls, a reversible sherpa-lined vest for both boys and girls as well and two new dress options!

One of my new dress options is a reversible pinafore I was asked to create for a friend. I'm happy to say that they will now be in the shop!

This dress below I had the pieces all ready for before we decided to change up the lining (reversible) fabric to an Echino fabric. So, another sample sale option for a lucky customer!

I really love this dress. I'm trying to decide if I want to nix the "all one piece" style and add buttons or snaps instead. I actually prefer the dress be all one piece - just less "fussy" kid dressing in my opionion, but stitching where the two pieces meet gets a tad bulky. Even that isn't as much of a problem if you have two sides that are perfectly coordinating.

In the case of this dress though, one side being black and one side being red - I had to choose cream (my thread of choice in most cases), red or black. I decided to go with the black on this since it was the more "focal" fabric. So, the thread blends seamlessly on the front, but is a nice contrasting fabric on the red side. Some may like this, some may not.

In any case, I'll be adding this dress to the shop at a sample sale price later today! And more pinafores to come soon!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

all in a week's time...

Gosh - almost a whole week without a post. And here I went and promised a new quilt sometime on Tuesday-ish...

Well, not for lack of trying. In fact, I pretty much had it all ready to go. Quilt pieced, basted and quilted ('ll see!) and then I attached the binding. After attaching it - I folded it over and clipped it down ready for the final step. Can you see my clips below? Yes, paper clips....hey...I use what's available and what works!

In doing so I found my quilt edges to be a bit "bulky" so I did a little trimming. See the pile next to the machine below?

And in doing so clipped a bit too much....

UGH!!!! Clipped the corner right off the binding!

I can't even explain how upset I was when I realized this. Especially since all the other corners were fine. So...I decided that the best course of action was to set it aside and get through the week and return to it another time.

I'm planning to rip it off at that corner only, re-attach new binding and sew it back down. Hopefully it goes as well in real-time as in my mind. What can I say....a lesson that shows my newbie status. But ya's one of those lessons that really teaches you, ya know? I don't think I'll ever clip a corner again....

I should have it soon....though this time I won't make the mistake of guessing when. ;-)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

giveaway winner!

Wow - 167 entries! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, checked out the shop and left comments. So many Olivia fans out there (and probably even more ironic since we're not big "character" people ourselves...I've never seen the show, never read one of the books and my son, for example, has no idea who Mickey Mouse is. And no, I don't think that's a bad thing!)

I used again and the winner is:
#2 - Karamat, who said:

The Olivia set is my favorite! I love that pig... I even wanted to name my daughter Olivia... he he he.


For everyone else, I'm not going to leave you empty handed! For anyone else who loves Olivia and wants to get one of these sets from my shop, be sure to mention "giveaway" in message to seller at checkout for 10% off (refunded via paypal after payment)! This offer is for the Olivia items only and good through next Sunday, December 13th. I even added just the skirt for anyone who wants a skirt without the top. Order today or tomorrow for guaranteed delivery by December 20th - just in time for Christmas!

Hopefully tomorrow I can show you my latest quilt. It just needs a binding.....fingers crossed I can get it done by then! If not, then Tuesday!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

shop open and last holiday orders!

Looking for the giveaway? Scroll down!

The shop is re-open. The last day to order and guarantee Christmas delivery is December 6th. As a final push to get rid of my holiday fabric, I'm not only offering 10% off holiday items, but also FREE SHIPPING on all holiday items!!! Good through Sunday, December 6th. Order now before they're all gone!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

giveaway day!

It's giveaway day on Sew Mama Sew! I'm giving away one of my Olivia the Pig skirt sets. Also available in my shop (temporarily closed so I can catch up on orders!), the winner will receive the set shown in black polka fabric in any size up to 5T.

Leave a comment to enter. Winner will be announced on Sunday night! Make sure I can click your name or leave me an email so I can reach you. Good luck!

Comments closed....winner will be announced shortly!