Friday, May 21, 2010

zig zag baby - blogger's quilt festival

This was not the quilt I hoped to be showing you today, but it's a quilt I love nonetheless! This is a quilt which I recently did for a friend of mine who had her seventh baby. This friend also happens to be my midwife's assistant, and was present at Lilah's homebirth. It was inspired by this quilt that Alison made of Cluck Cluck Sew.

She had no idea what she was having so I waited to start it until I knew what she had. I happen to be part of a great group here in town (but chapters are available nationwide) of Holistic Moms Network. Each time a new mama has a baby, we take turns making dinners for about 10 meals or so and spread it out over the first few weeks. I purposely asked to have the last possible meal so I could get this quilt done as well!

I cut all the squares the weekend before and then spent a few nights making the half square triangles. Then (and this is one of the reasons I love this quilt!) I put the entire thing together in a few hours on a Sunday (the day before I delivered it of course). I will admit to cheating a little....I machine stitched the entire binding. I normally will machine stitch to the front and then hand stitch to the back, but at this point, exhaustion from too many other things (craft hope bean bags, numerous shop orders, also trying to create inventory for a craft show I'm doing next month) led me to go this route.

This might seriously have become my go-to baby quilt!

I backed it with a boyish print (Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo in pool) all in one piece (again...exhaustion!).

Now, because I just have's the quilt I was really hoping would be done for the quilt show. I am hoping to finish it in the next week and a half or so...or at least before the craft show as I'm hoping to display it and a few other quilts there!

But while you're at it, look at the quilt that Carla made using this same block, and even this one on flickr! So gorgeous! (and make me want to finish my quilt even more quickly now!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

March blocks in May better way to remind myself just how "on-top" of the blog I've been than to post blocks I've done 2 months later (not unlike my February blocks in April post).

First up are Debbie's house blocks for the Bee's Knees Bee.  These were a super fast, super fun take on "house" blocks that I've seen all over flickr.  Of course, I could use some help on making sure my fabric lines up in the same direction (eek!).

Lesly's blocks for the Modern Tradition Quilt Bee were called Granny's Flower Garden.  I loved making these.  The colors she chose were so spring-y and beautiful, and the essex linen background fabric was just lovely.  I can imagine the gorgeous quilt these will make!

And finally, Carla had us do some wonky log cabin blocks for the Nittany Block Party Bee with Nicey Jane fabrics.  I love these fabrics...I have the entire Nicey Jane line and haven't yet cut into it.  I could easily see myself making one of these for myself.  I've never been the hugest fan of log cabins, but I do love the wonkiness of this one and I think I see a wonky log cabin quilt in my future!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

babies and butterflies and bean bags, oh my! in  mine wearing his....
 and the other one now walking!!!
 Butterflies...both worn and held.
 And bean bags. 
  These are a project I signed up for with craft hope.  I said last year that I really wanted to get involved in some craftivism this year, and I certainly am.  I donated items to Craft Hope for Haiti earlier this year, I'm now particpating in this project, and I have another (unrelated to craft hope) coming soon. 

The bean bags are due Friday, and I just started today. Which means I'm a little behind the eight-ball, but I must admit is typical. What can I say...I work well under pressure!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Far Far Away 2!!

I couldn't reveal pics of the fabrics I ordered before, but now am able. Here you go!

Of course I would have loved to simply get the entire line, but only chose a few for the shop. For anyone interested in the full line, I know sewdeerlyloved will be carrying all of it when it comes in.

What do you think? Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel are cute, but the Owl and the Pussycat are by far my favorites! ;-)