Wednesday, May 12, 2010

babies and butterflies and bean bags, oh my! in  mine wearing his....
 and the other one now walking!!!
 Butterflies...both worn and held.
 And bean bags. 
  These are a project I signed up for with craft hope.  I said last year that I really wanted to get involved in some craftivism this year, and I certainly am.  I donated items to Craft Hope for Haiti earlier this year, I'm now particpating in this project, and I have another (unrelated to craft hope) coming soon. 

The bean bags are due Friday, and I just started today. Which means I'm a little behind the eight-ball, but I must admit is typical. What can I say...I work well under pressure!

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  1. Oh, just all so cute! I love N wearing his baby! And look at L go!