Thursday, November 19, 2009

another quilt....finished and started!

We've had a bit of illness around here. First Noah, then Derrick, and now Lilah and I. Nothing too crazy...just yucky colds, but enough to make me want to lay in bed under the covers with a great movie and a hot bowl of soup. Oh...wait...I have kids. Scratch that idea!

I was hoping to have a giveaway today, but the time spent caring for the not-so-well little ones left me with no time to finish the item for said giveaway. In good time.... (and I recently scored some recently out-of-print & hard to find maybe a fabric giveaway is in order soon as well....).

I at least wanted to show my last quilt. Another wonderland patchwork quilt (AKA, the quilt that Ashley made famous!). In fact, I see that Ashley has two Wonderland quilts for sale in her shop! Grab them before they're gone!

I've also been following the Block Party blog and they rolled out a tutorial for Friendship Stars. I had recently purchased a quilting bundle and thought this might be a fun quilt to make with them! I might have to fit some of the variation stars in there as well (I'm partial to the orange one myself!)

Anyone else following along and making friendship stars?

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  1. Nice quilt! And thanks so much for linking! :)