Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Life is funny. There's always curveballs in there...

Last January I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. No biggie (though I'm certain I didn't say that at the time!). It is a huge change, but once you get used to and find really great substitutes for bread, pasta, etc. it gets pretty easy.

But every once in a while I cheat. And the way gluten works....those cravings come back and sneak up on you and then you cheat again....and again...

Last week our little guy was diagnosed with the same thing as his mama. So, back to square one for me...and really means we're going gluten free as a family. Too hard to have wheat-based stuff in the house that your three year old can't eat and then try to explain to him why he can't eat that through tears.

Luckily we haven't encountered too much of that just yet. All these months of "mommy can't eat that or she'll get sick" and "mommy has special bread" have helped. And if you ask him he'll make the cutest face you have ever seen (no is!) and tell you it was because of his blood test. Which he was so fearful of, and was such a complete and total champ during - he watched and everything!

Anyway, now I'm trying to plan Thanksgiving (which we're driving 5 hours for) with two gluten free and one vegan and trying to locate a local free-range turkey (our fault for not ordering ours sooner) and all that while also planning a trip with some girlfriends in Vegas in March and multiple quilts I'm juggling and shop orders and head starts spinning!

See now....she has the right idea! I think I'll go join her! ;-)

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