Thursday, December 17, 2009

another new dress

I have a large number of new items I plan on adding to both shops in the coming weeks. In my home shop I have napkins, bowl covers, kitchen wetbags and reusable snack bags.

At Noah and Lilah I have lots of new fabric selections for spring, as well as a new skirt style, top/pant options for both boys and girls, a reversible sherpa-lined vest for both boys and girls as well and two new dress options!

One of my new dress options is a reversible pinafore I was asked to create for a friend. I'm happy to say that they will now be in the shop!

This dress below I had the pieces all ready for before we decided to change up the lining (reversible) fabric to an Echino fabric. So, another sample sale option for a lucky customer!

I really love this dress. I'm trying to decide if I want to nix the "all one piece" style and add buttons or snaps instead. I actually prefer the dress be all one piece - just less "fussy" kid dressing in my opionion, but stitching where the two pieces meet gets a tad bulky. Even that isn't as much of a problem if you have two sides that are perfectly coordinating.

In the case of this dress though, one side being black and one side being red - I had to choose cream (my thread of choice in most cases), red or black. I decided to go with the black on this since it was the more "focal" fabric. So, the thread blends seamlessly on the front, but is a nice contrasting fabric on the red side. Some may like this, some may not.

In any case, I'll be adding this dress to the shop at a sample sale price later today! And more pinafores to come soon!

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  1. Lovely! I can't wait to see how these do in your shop. They are a perfect option for the little girl who MUST WEAR A DRESS every day.