Monday, December 21, 2009

um, yeah.....

After cutting 200 squares, 50 circles, and getting ready to start applique-ing, there's nothing like having your son announce that "I don't want circles....I want squares like Lilah's quilt."


Luckily I have a solution to the problem. The fat quarter bundle I bought the fabrics with came with a fabric panel. Phew! This is one time I'm actually really glad I involved him in the process and didn't wait to completely surprise him on Christmas. I wanted to, but it's just not feasible. He often comes downstairs to play while I sew, and I just can't do it in complete secrecy all the time. Well, unless I start working a LOT sooner than I did, that is!

Off to start a new quilt.... :-) And actually, this one will be a LOT easier now too! Guess it worked out great for everyone!

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