Sunday, January 10, 2010

new styles!

I've been doing some sewing of new spring items for the shop! Excited to roll them all out, but even more excited for my photographer, Kelly Anderson of Kelly Anderson Photography and Design, to receive the items and take pictures for me.

I try....I really do. But I just simply lack the awesome photography skills necessary to capture the items in their full glory like Kelly can! Well, that and she also happens to have two very adorable models available 24/7. My only willing model (Noah doesn't count when it comes to skirts and dresses!) can't even walk yet. I think that may be a sign that my "boy" items need to come sooner rather than later! ;-)

Here are some sneak peeks in the meantime. These are just a few - there are more already listed in the shop and even more to come! Tomorrow, more quilting!


  1. Very cute. Love the butterfly jumper and the scooter tag on the skirt is a cool idea. I also like that fabric with the big flowers on it.

  2. Cute, cute things Sherri!! I'll be keeping my eyes open for when the granddaughter arrives!!