Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fat quarterly

The farmer people.....yeah.  Don't mind that post.  It was meant for my family blog, but I can't delete it from the reader. Anyhoo....

Did you see that the very first issue of Fat Quarterly is now available for purchase?  Packed with six patterns, designer interviews and more.  Check out their blog to see all of the amazing photos of the items featured, and click here to purchase for yourself from their shop, or here to purchase a gift for someone else from their etsy shop. 

I'll be back soon...so much to talk about.  My string-x quilt, online quilty ettiquette, and a new finished quilt.  I've also added some new items to the shop!  Dolly and Me items for your little one and her doll, and Mommy and Me items for you and your little one!

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