Thursday, April 1, 2010


Is anyone out there? Remember me?

Phew! That was a long break! I was feeling a little burnt out on stuff, and had a crazy March. A trip to Vegas with some of my girlfriends (so not what you're thinking....we also had 11 kids in tow!), a couple of huge wholesale orders, and all the quilts, not to mention personal stuff like taxes and the like....I just needed to take a breather! So I gave myself until the end of March and now we're back to hit it hard!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and quilting questions. I think kwiltmakr hit the nail on the head. When I went back to quilt again I tried to ease up on the fabric and as she said, just guide it. No more skipped stitches! I think I was just putting a little too much of myself into it.

I'm hoping to have a few new things to show you soon, including my February bee blocks (can't believe I haven't shown those yet!), March bee blocks and some quilts.

For now, off to enjoy the weather. 70's and sunny here this week....truly amazing weather!


  1. Thank you for volunteering to donate to the Craft Hope bean bag project. Your contribution will mean more than you can know.
    Beth at LOEP

  2. i love your blog!!! everything is beautiful. i am definitely going ot be a new follower