Tuesday, July 27, 2010

april blocks

It's about time I actually do some crafting posts around here, eh?  Not just "I don't seem to have time for crafting" posts.  Because I do have some time (just not "being able to sew 3 dresses a day time!)...and here's what I've been up to. 

I thought for sure I had posted my April bee blocks already, but alas, there the post was...sitting in my unpublished posts.  Oh well...better late than never!

First up is my block for Greta of the Modern Tradition Quilt Bee.  I LOVE love love this block.  Love it.  Here is her inspiration quilt and that totally sold me when I saw it.  So I'll totally admit to cutting extra 3 1/2" squares for my own (someday....). 

Next up is Tracy of Nittany Block Party.  She basically wanted total improv blocks (basically, as long as we used the fabric she provided we could make whatever we wanted).  Since I had just done my zig zag quilt and was totally on a half-square triangle kick, I went for two blocks utilizing those. 

I'd love to do a whole quilt out of half square triangles like this someday. 

Finally, a paper-pieced Tea Leaf block for Margaret of the Bee's Knees Bee.  Normally this block is appliqued, but since many of us had never done curved blocks before she created a paper-pieced version for us to follow. 

I'll admit...I struggled with this one.  The paper piecing part is easy.  I actually really enjoyed it.  My problem was more with the fabric.  I changed my needle, made sure my machine was working right...but I struggled with those batiks something awful.  I had trouble in places where many seams joined, and also had trouble doing the stay-stitching at the end.  Blech.  I just hope they turned out okay!

I still have more to show you all!  May blocks...and two quilts I've done that I have yet to post here.  I'm really falling behind!

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  1. I love them all!

    Hey, in the very first picture, the second square from the top is the fabric I'm using for my napkins (fronts, I have a matching print for the backs). Neat to see it here!