Friday, July 30, 2010

shade garden quilt

So, yeah.  I've been making stuff (I swear!!!).  In fact this quilt has been done (and living with it's new owner) for months but I'm just getting around to posting about it now. 

This quilt was made for a wonderful friend's new baby boy, "D".  A total cutie.  And lucky younger brother to big sister "G".  Also a total cutie. 

For this quilt I used Michelle Engel Bencsko's line she designed for Henry Glass Fabrics, Shade Garden.  I actually acquired these fabrics by purchasing a fat quarter bundle that she donated to crafthope during the crafthope for haiti drive (which I also donated to).  There are a few sellers that have her fabrics on etsy, but she also has her own shop, cicadastudio, which carries the same fat quarter bundles.  I see she's on vacation now, but should be open soon.

I love these fabrics.  Sweet little flowers, sprouts and trees, and my favorites, the snails and mushrooms.  I chose more of the boy-ish colors and cut them all into 9" squares.  The back is a print used in the front and I quilted it with double squares.  I made a square block 1/4" in from the seams, and then another one a couple inches in from that. 

I love how it turned out - very simple and clean - but I do wish the quilting would have shown up better.  It was the first time I strayed from my cream colored quilting thread and went with something a bit more coordinating, so perhaps that was it.  It was fun to make though and I hope D loves it!


  1. Oh Sherri, you can't imagine how perfect it is and how much we love it. Thanks so much for the wonderful gift of your time and specialness. xoxo

  2. LOVE the colors and patterns in this one, Sherri! Beautiful!

  3. I am sewing with that same line of fabric RIGHT NOW! I chose the pinks and am making my granddaughter a sundress and bonnet.
    I love what you did with yours and may do something similar with the rest of my fat quarter stack.

  4. What a lovely, inspiring blog you have!