Saturday, February 27, 2010

boys boys boys

Only significance of this post name is that the three quilt tops below are all intended for boys.

My latest quilt top, for Noah.

Another quilt top, for a special baby!

And this one isn't actually a quilt for a boy, but the remaining squares I had cut of another quilt-top I'm currently piecing for a boy. As you can see, I've been busy quilting (or more accurately, piecing!).
But now I need some help. I'm currently quilting the 2nd quilt shown above and am having trouble. I have to admit...quilting is by far my least favorite part of making a quilt. I have had problems since day one with every quilt top I've ever done. Some have been easier than others, and some problems have been minor with some being downright disastrous (and therefore quilt tops ripped apart, scrapped or still sitting unfinished...).

The problem I'm encountering now is this....I'm using my walking foot and doing some straight-line quilting. Problem is, I'll be quilting along...and everything is going fine....and then all of a sudden it skips on me. So I'll have stitch stitch stitch and then s t i t c h . One big long stitch. Make sense?

I know it would be SO much easier to show with a picture but I'm currently at my MILs and can't do that easily right now. If anyone has any insight for me I'd greatly appreciate it! I have a new needle in, checked to make sure my bobbin is in right, etc. The quilt is so fab I want to finish it so badly but sometimes you just need to set it aside and walk away...kwim?

Time for a glass of wine. :-)


  1. My walking foot will do that but I believe it is because there is too much thickness at that point for the whole foot to travel on could be pushing/pulling a little and not realizing it. I do it too and it took me quite some time to realize what was going on with it. I try to be careful when I use the walking foot, I always get too tense, and realized I didn't need to "hold" the fabric so tightly like you do in free motion but just gently hold it. The walking foot will work on its own, just guide it. Maybe that will help you. I am not good at explaining things either and that might not be your problem but it was what happened to me.

  2. Might you be sewing a tad too fast?
    Also, I find a good clean out of the machine never goes astray!
    Good luck.
    Andi :-)

  3. Oh, I wish I could help you. But quilting is my least favorite part, too. I'm always afraid of ruining the quilt and haven't done my own machine quilting in a long time. Now I'm thinking I need to learn more about it so I can at least do baby quilts and wall hangings myself. The longarm quilting really starts to add up if you make very many quilts. Good luck and good wine to you!

  4. How is the bottom bobbin and bottom bobbin area? Perahaps try re-stringing and blow the whole area out. That's what I do before I let myself get really frustrated. Wine totally helps too :)

    Gorgeous quilts Sherri!

  5. Don't blow into the bobbin area. Blowing will just force the dust/fuzz farther into the machine. Get a small paintbrush and dab it, around, picking up the lint and wiping the brush off into the trash.