Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Freezer Paper Stenciling

Noah has been really into "creating" lately. Painting, playdoh, drawing, cutting and gluing with paper, and making ice sculptures have been his favorites lately. So, when he said he wanted to paint yesterday and pulled out the fabric paint as opposed to the tempera, I thought it sounded like a great idea!

We even made a special trip to the store for new t-shirts to paint! Before doing that, Noah told me he wanted a helicopter t-shirt. So, we went looking for helicopter silhouettes online. We found one, and of course it showed up with a bunch of airplane ones as well, so we printed out both.

Below are the finished products. Noah also chose the color. He wanted them both purple!

And of course he wore the airplane shirt all day today. A long, fun, busy, dirty day (as you can clearly see in the picture below). But hey - isn't that what kids are supposed to do in the summer? ;-)


  1. OK I need directions on how you did that???!! Do you cut out the shape and then just paint the inside of it onto the shirt? Where do you buy the paints? Addison would LOVE doing this. All though I'd need a more fitted type shirt. Maybe we can makes some tshirts to go with the skirts you are making her?

  2. Wow you did an excellent job on cutting them out!

  3. That's it- I'm getting that book!