Sunday, August 16, 2009

new fabrics!

What a week. CSA pickup and delivery on Wednesday, Holistic Moms meeting about homeschooling on Thursday followed by lots of running around, preparing for and celebrating of Derrick's birthday. Friday was massive sewing, business dealings and setting up shop. The entire week was also filled with massive sewing, craft space organizing, working out (I have some, ahem, baby fat to lose...) and lots of hugs/kisses/playtime with the kiddos. And then 4+ hours of car shopping yesterday. Needless to say, I'm exhausted! But tomorrow is a new week. Time to do much of it all over again!

First off, I promised you all a tutorial on freezer paper stenciling. I first saw this in Amanda Blake Soule's The Creative Family. I just did a quick search and realized that Jean from The Artful Parent has the same info here. So, I won't type up a long tutorial as a way to avoid re-inventing the wheel! And I must say, I love the designs she used. I might have to start doing some stencils on my tees as well!

And now...goodies! Here is some new fabric I've recently received and will be making things for the shop with soon!

First up....Timeless Treasures Apple. I LOVE this fabric - perfect for fall. Just love those cute owls!

And this is Chestnut Hill by Joel Dewberry. Ironwork in Lichen and Narrow Stripe in Eggplant. I think the gold and eggplant make this a beautiful fall combo as well!

Get them while they last!

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