Monday, July 20, 2009

day 1

Today is officially day 1 of the 9-patch quilt-a-long, so I made sure to get started!

I spent some time cutting squares this weekend. Not many, but certainly enough to get me started!

And today, I was able to get a few put together! We're only supposed to do one a day, but I'm certain there will be days I won't get to sew at all, so this way, hopefully I won't fall behind!

I'm using Arcaida by Moda. I love this line! I'm excited to see how this comes together!

Meanwhile, I have another quilt I'm using this fabric for that I need to start ASAP (I'm giving it as a gift to my midwife, and I see her again in about 3 weeks I think...), as well as a few dresses I've committed to finishing. I like having stuff to keep me busy. Sewing is such a great de-stresser for me!

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