Saturday, July 11, 2009

learning curve

So, here is my first quilt right after basting it. I spray-basted it, if that wasn't obvious, and thought it went really well.

That is, until today. I started maching quilting yesterday. And everything was going great! I was trying to do outline quilting (1/4" on either side of the seams) and when I quilted vertically it was all fine. But then when I turned the quilt and started quilting horizontally, that's when the trouble started. The fabric would bunch up and I would actually get the fabric bunched up over one of my vertical quilting lines, and it would get stitched down that way!

I'm thinking I have two issues. The first being that perhaps I didn't pull the batting and quilt top taut enough when I basted them (it has been suggested that perhaps I should consider pin basting, which I really, really don't like the idea of...), and also I think that I really need a walking foot. I'm currently only using a 1/4" piecing foot, but I need something that will help me to keep my layers fed evenly through the foot. And so that is now on it's way....

I still have quite a few lines to finish on this one. While I wait for the new foot to arrive, I will start cutting my binding strips and finish the onesie I started for Lilah and the hat I'm knitting for Noah. Maybe I'll even finish them before it gets here!

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