Thursday, October 8, 2009

autumn is here...

Something so completely and totally evident the last few days is that autumn isn't just's here! The weather has turned downright cool (or in the case of last Wednesday night, frosty!), the wind has been blowing, the trees are turning and's nearly mid-October!

I was so dreading this just a month or so ago. I was born and raised in Chicago. Then spent 4.5 years in Central Illinois at college. Then spent 2.5 years working in Chicago. And then....we moved to sunny, warm, beautiful Phoenix! And last winter was dreadful. It felt like winter for 6 months. For me anyway....I don't like cold weather.

But I have to admit....I do love autumn. And I love winter. Pretty much right up until Christmas time. And then I'm done. Ready for spring & summer. And of course, in these parts, we have a good 3 months or so of winter left. But the changing of seasons is so significant to me. One of the things Derrick and I discussed before we moved away from Phoenix was how we couldn't imagine raising our kids there, having grown up in 4 season climates ourselves. And so here we are!

I feel so ready for autumn now! I'm craving cooler sweater weather, fires in the fireplace (one of my very favorite things in the whole wide world), fires outside (okay...I like to burn stuff!), and the changing fall colors.

More on that tomorrow.... In the are some fall-related pics from this past week!

More evidence of fall....corn stalks and pumpkins at the zoo!
I love sumacs. Their changing colors are amazing...

Oh's upon us!

I just have to share this while this picture reminds me of it. We don't watch a ton of TV around here. For one reason - time. I don't really get how busy families have time for it. But we also don't want our kids to grow up in front of it - so we make sure to not have it on "just because" all the time. We both grew up that way and want to avoid that for our kids. Noah has watched TV though, of course. We don't restrict anything. I think that can be worse, actually. For whatever reason, every show he's watched has been watched one at a time. Meaning, when he wants to watch TV it's one thing and one thing only. For months. First it was Doodlebops. Then it was Little Einsteins (my least fave). Then it was Peep (my absolute fave - GREAT kids show). Now it's Big Cat Diary (thus the leopard pic). So when we went to the zoo on Monday he had to bring his binoculars and look at all the animals through them just like they do on Big Cats. It was hilarious (and incredibly adorable)!

Yes, we live in Indiana (and I need to work on my's coming!)

The only maple tree in our yard. Well, technically not IN our yard but in view of it. All the rest are oaks and pine. And maples are, of course, my favorite.
Another "have to" share. I wore this to the zoo (pic courtesy of Noah) and received so many compliments and questions on it while there I thought I'd mention it. It's called a Peekaru. Meant to work with many carriers, it has a hole for baby's head and neck and is worn comfortably. I wore this with our Ergo baby carrier. I originally bought it from Baby Cotton Bottoms. I hear they don't carry it anymore, but it's a great shop for any other cloth-diapering families out there (which we are as well!)

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