Friday, October 30, 2009

halloweens of years past

It's getting late, but I'm still working with an orange little fishy (I obviously started this post last night...but the youngest little fishy needed her mommy!)...

I thought I'd post some "preview" pics of the costume but it's late so it's dark, and the lighting is really bad down there right now. Few more weeks 'til proper studio lighting!

So instead I thought I'd take you on a tour of Halloweens past. Well, the last 2 years anyway.
Noah's first Halloween. Lion costume from Old Navy. Cute as heck, so so un-original and ....easy!
Noah last airplane! We have to give daddy most of the credit for this get-up. He worked to mold and glue the foam (in many stages) until it was just right. It was so darned cute...and he had tons of compliments on it!

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