Wednesday, October 7, 2009

monday night brunch

As I mentioned on Monday, I went to a cooking demo at Williams Sonoma that night. They did an autumn brunch menu. It was soooooooooooo delicious! Here's what we had:

sorry for the bad pic....took it with my blackberry!

Marscapone stuffed french toast with pumpkin butter
Brown sugar and cardamom bacon
Quiche Lorraine (with gruyere and sausage)
Roasted potatoes
Bloody Marys
Vanilla Lemonade

It was seriously so delish. The lemonade has to be my new favorite drink! I'm a fan of pumpkin but not a HUGE fan, but I really enjoyed the french toast. I think if it had been made with pumpkin bread it would have been overkill for me, but since it was just the pumpkin butter it was just right. The quiche was perfect - light, flaky, buttery crust and quiche perfectly cooked. The bacon (one of my all-time fave things to eat) was amazing, and the potatoes were tasty as well.

Anyone hungry yet? I'm making this for "brinner" tomorrow (well, minus the french toast...saving that for the weekend!)

Speaking of weekend, I have a new quilt top done (have had for about a week and a half) but need to baste, quilt & bind. Hoping to be able to show you that soon!
Also, check out Andi's blog for a great bag giveaway!

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