Friday, October 9, 2009

friday finds :: autumn tree

I've decided that rather than feature my "Cool Stuff" section on the left I'm going to start doing a "friday finds" - where I feature some things I'm loving at the moment. These will be items that I've found on my own, and not asked to feature in any way. I'm just putting them here because I think they're so fab!

I've been wanting to do a nature table for some time, but we've never quite gotten around to it. The console table that used to be across from our table in the kitchen (it's really more of a buffet) has been in our foyer so that there was room for Noah's play kitchen and table in its place. The art and carft supplies have found a home there, so I figured this really is the best place for it. Perhaps it will provide some inspiration for future arts and crafts!

So, in determining the types of things to put on it, coupled with Noah's increasing interest and knowledge of the changing seasons, I contacted our library to put together a learning packet for us. Our public library system here is fantastic. There is a very large homeschooling community, and so the library offers incredible resources for them.

I was able to tell them how many items I would like (25 or as many as 100!! Great for teachers...), the reading level and interest level of my child, what types of materials I want (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) and even request specific titles. They will take this info, put together an entire packet and have it ready and waiting for me!

So, next Wednesday we'll be picking up our packet geared toward a 3 year old with letter recognition, all about the changing of seasons with a focus on autumn and winter, with some Halloween stuff thrown in. Seriously, how cool is that?

Back to the nature table. I've found the most incredibly perfect centerpiece for it!

Isn't that just gorgeous? I can't even remember how I came upon it, but it was sold when I found it. I saved it in my faves on etsy and contacted prettydreamer to see if she could do another for me, and she was happy to oblige! I can't wait to receive it! This is going to be the centerpiece of our autumn table.

She has many other beautiful pieces in there. Check it out!
I'm off to relax with the family....hubby's promised me a fire tonight! ;-)

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