Monday, February 22, 2010

oven mitts

Last year (meaning, Christmas of 2008) my mother-in-law made this fabulous kitchen for Noah using nothing but some stock cabinets and scrap wood. Yeah, she pretty much rocks. Noah loves it, and uses it all the time.

He loves to cook on it while we're cooking meals and he gives us plates of his food for us to eat with our other food.

He was all bummed out while cooking one day last week because he couldn't find one of his missing oven mitts. We looked for it (although admittedly - rather quickly and not that hard!) and couldn't find it, so I suggested that mom make him a new matching set. His face lit up when I said it, and Lilah was taking a nice long nap, so we headed straight downstairs to work on it.

I let him pick any fabric he wanted and he chose this solid blue. I happened to have some grosgrain ribbon in one of my drawers so he also picked the colors for those as well as the bias tape.

He was so excited when I finished the first one (which came together in all of 10 minutes - nice!) that he started running upstairs before I reminded him we had one more to make! And then of course, once we were done, they immediately had to go on their designated hook.

I hope we have lots more fun projects like this to come!


  1. Your MIL does rock! And so does Noah! And so do you! Oh, yes -- I'm sure there will be many more fun projects to come :).

    Thanks for sharing this cute story.

  2. so sweet. My little gal is just now getting into more complex pretend play. SO much fun to watch.