Monday, February 1, 2010

sherbet stars

This is my first finished quilt of 2010. I'm calling it sherbet stars...I started the stars when Block Party introduced the friendship star block back in November. I saw that they were planning on introducing the next block on February 1st, so figured I better get a move on finishing it!
The sherbet part comes from the colors which came from a quilt bundle from Fabricworm which I blogged about here.

I did very little quilting. From the get-go with this one I knew I wanted to simply outline each star. I thought I might add more, but as I got closer and closer to finishing, I chose to leave it with just that much.

For the back I used a Kona solid in Apricot and the binding is Celery I believe. I also added a strip bordered by the white muslin used on the front. Each square in the strip is a print used in the stars on the front, with the exception of the green centers.

I love love love how this quilt turned out. Part of it is probably the fact that it's my first non-square patchwork quilt. But it was not without it's challenges for me. And I'm not gonna sugar-coat it and gloss over that. I think that's part of craft-blogging. We don't always get it right and we aren't always without our share of challenges. So, where do I begin?

First off, the only thing I don't like about heavily pieced blocks is the bulk you end up with in the seams. So, I think I'm learning to like pressing down the center of seams. Also, I LOVE the color and softness of the bleached white muslin in the finished product, but I do not like piecing with it. I think it's really thin, stretches too easily and creates problems in that way. And finally, I had a problem on the binding of this one. I've never gotten totally and completely done with a quilt only to realize I missed about a 3" to 4" strip on the front where the binding missed the quilt top! And there's nothing like getting totally and completely done with a quilt top, finding an issue like that to totally and completely deflate you. But life goes on! So, in all honesty, I haven't fixed it yet. It should be a quick fix since it's only that small section, but after looking at it yesterday I just had to put it down, and WALK AWAY....know what I mean?

My next quilt is going to be for Noah. What happened to the quilt I planned for Christmas you ask? Oh - well, that's a looonnnnggggg story. Quilt is still in progress. I want something quick and fast and easy so that's what the next one will be! But I have so many other quilts I want to do this year....a zig zag quilt, I have the entire lines of Nicey Jane and Hope Valley to use. I want to do Oh Fransson's Paintbox Square quilt (in two versions).....the list goes on. Back to quilting!


  1. Such a beautiful quilt! I've had the same binding issues too...and I often leave it for a month before I fix it (except if it is a gift). I'm hoping to do the Paintbox quilt-along too...just ordered my roll up.

  2. Your quilt is terrific and no one will know about the issues you had with it. We have all had our ups and downs with each quilt but it gets better as you go along and gain experience. I think for a white fabric I would go with a Moda Bella not muslin, it is thin and does stretch even the Kona can do that I have noticed. For applying my binding I trim the whole quilt even and then there is no missing on the edge when applying the binding. Keep going on the quilting your doing a great job.

  3. I think it is beautiful! I love the idea of just quilting around the stars! It looks great!