Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what i've been up to

Lack of posts...I know. Business has finally rebounded from the post-holiday lull, and I've been filling wholesale orders to boot! I also still (never seems to end....maybe because I can't seem to stop buying fabric....) have new fabrics and new dress styles and things to add to the shop. All in good time.

I wanted to share my new shop cards with all of you though. I LOVE them! Of course, they're moo minicards, which means that they're gorgeous and small and perfect! I had been seeing them as I ordered things off of etsy, and just loved them. Then I also saw a discount on the Chiot's Run blog.
Bummer is the discount is over, but honestly, the cards are worth it! It works seamlessly with etsy (you get to auto upload the pics right from your active listings) and the pictures look just as beautiful on the cards as they do online. I'm loving filling orders right now and getting to tuck one of these into each package!

Of course it helps tremendously that I'm so lucky to have Kelly Anderson shooting many of my items for me. Seriously, she SELLS my stuff. I mean, I of course love my items and think they'd sell without her, but I truly believe and know that I sell so much more because of her. The pictures are that important. And they rock. She rocks! Seriously...if any of you are in Arizona, check out her blog and that should be reason enough to book a session with her!

I also recently ordered some boutique labels due to my increasing wholesale orders. I also like to be able to put these in my reversible styles since I don't include a hang tag with those...I really like the child to be able to wear it reversible without worrying about a tag. Loving those too. Purchased here. Gotta love the fellow etsians!

Other things I've been up to? Our days have been filled with crafts lately. There is glitter everywhere. Seriously. On clothes...shoes...socks...floors...tables...I don't think it's leaving! And now we're expecting around 9 inches of snow so I'm hoping to take Noah sledding tomorrow!

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  1. I like those little Moo cards, too. I got some for free a while ago (but they advertise Moo on them). And -- my photos aren't as good as yours. But still, pretty nice little cards.

    I can't get over your blocks for the Nittany Block Party. I just want to email everyone and say, "Make two blocks each, and just mail mine to me this summer." Seriously great block! Can't wait to see them all together.