Monday, September 28, 2009

it's here!!!!!

My Heather Ross goodies came! I was so excited to get home on Saturday to find my package! And inside......

Race cars, bicycles, horses, flowers, and this really cute Japanese print. Along with some wool felt, ribbons, bias tape, thread, embroidery thread, and lots of buttons. All kinds of goodies!
Love me some bikes!
Seriously, how cute is this?

Unlike many, I didn't request any one thing. Because honestly, I couldn't decide at the time. But now I really wish I had requested some Goldfish I Have Loved (in the bags). Anyone out there have any? Anyone interested in a bit of a swap? I'm excited to see what others have gotten!
Thanks Heather!! You rock!


  1. Hi! Finding your blog from Chasing Cheerios! I can't wait to see all your stuff! Beautiful fabric! I don't sew, but my mom does, so I appreciate it.

  2. Welcome Jess! Thanks for stopping by!