Tuesday, September 1, 2009

changing seasons

The weather we've been having is strange. This whole summer has felt unseasonally cool to me. Sure, we've had periods of warmth (and even really hot weather. Heck, the day Lilah was born I think there was a high of 95 or so!), but just so different from last summer. Hot. Long periods with no rain. Brown grass.

Not so this year. Our grass right now (which we rely solely on mother nature for whatever water it gets) is lush and green. The lows the last two nights have gotten down to 45 degrees. 45!!! It's only September 1st and it feels more like October 1st. (Luckily, the next week or so is shaping up nicely for late summer/labor day weather!)

The cold weather sure does make me think about autumn though. In a way, I find it depressing. Not because I don't like autumn. I do. Love it actually! The sweater weather. Changing colors (something you don't get in the desert of Arizona where we spent 6.5 of our last 8 years). But it reminds me winter is coming. I love winter...right up until Christmas time. And then I'm so.over.it.

Anyway, all these reminders of autumn have me sewing lots for autumn. So take a look at some of the items I've been creating, mostly for the shop. And hard to believe, but I have holiday prints washed and ready to be sewn this week!

And seeing all of these prints together makes me really want to invest in some great solids. I have so many prints but not enough solids. I want to start mixing it up a bit!

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