Friday, September 11, 2009

no hats....yet!

Okay, I know I promised hats. But it (meaning pictures really) just hasn't worked out. The boys have just been go go go every day and I have yet to nail them down together (mostly means my son won't sit still or put the hat on!). I promise tomorrow! ;-)

So, I thought I'd post about the mini-hexes I worked on over the weekend!

They're coming along nicely! I really do love working on them. I have a few things that are really calming for me. Knitting is one. Yoga too. Mowing the lawn is another (and one I'm not proud to admit. Horrible for the environment...really exercise in vanity really, but I love seeing overgrown lawn get cut down row by row in such an orderly fashion. Anyone guess my birth sign? ;-) ) Vacuuming also - though can vary with children underfoot.

And now paper piecing hexes as well!

It truly is calming. Aneela's original post on this said "I have discovered the tranquility that is......... handstitching paper pieced hexy's!". I totally agree - and get it! Even the cutting for these wasn't bad! (and I despise cutting...)

This pile is what I worked on over the weekend. And more have been done since. Today I sat in the shade of the garage while Noah rode his trike around Lilah and I in circles. Lovely! We had a truly lovely late summer day. I'm so lucky to be home with them!
I'm still not sure what they'll become. I had lots of ideas while falling asleep last night. There is still the absurdity of a quilt in the back of my mind. My next task is to determine exactly how many of these that would take and then go from there... ;-)

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  1. what about incorporsting them as a pattern IN the quilt? Does that make sense? Maybe a design of them in a square every so often?? Love the fabrics!