Sunday, September 13, 2009

princess and the pea

I did quite a bit of sewing yesterday. 2 dresses, a shirt, and 2 skirts. I've been wanting to use some of my Far Far Away fabrics to make something for Lilah since I received them a while back but like many, had trouble cutting into it!

I ultimately decided to make this dress:

I love love LOVE how it turned out!!! At first, I thought the print might be a bit large for the size of the dress (I made a 2T - so nothing she'll be wearing anytime soon!), but I now think it's perfect!

Isn't she cute?

The pattern is the Kyla pattern from Froglegs and Ponytails and is available in her shop here. I already use her Caroline pattern as my pillowcase dress (and yes, she allows her pattern to be used to make items for sale! Gotta respect copyright!) and I LOVE both of them. Her patterns are nicely laid out, easy to follow, easy to cut, and are finished beautifully! And being a pdf, they can be printed anytime you need a new size to cut, which I then save in my templates drawer in my organizer. Very nice!

This dress is actually a reversible dress, and although I did create it in the reversible style, I don't really plan on reversing it. The double gauze fabric is really thin and light (but oh so soft!) and I felt the white muslin on the inside would be a good lining.

I will say -working with double gauze is interesting. It's kind of.....sticky. Know what I mean? Not literally sticky silly! But that - catching on another fabric that it rubs against kind of sticky. So, when you're doing certain things (like trying to slide the exterior into the interior to sew it shut and properly line up) is a total pain, but then it also works in your favor as well - like not having to pin quite as much once you get it all nicely lined up because it stays quite well on its own! And once it's done - it's a dream! Super soft, nice drape - just really cute!

I changed up a few things - like the tie straps (and think I might try this one with snaps next time), and the bias tape. I simply used some white that I had laying around (does anyone else love working with bias tape as much as me?).
Anyway - I really love it and I totally wish she was able to wear it now!

So guess what...GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! Yep! I'm keeping this one for my little girl, but my giveaway will feature this dress, just as I have made it here, in the fabrics shown below! I'll make this dress in a size 12-24 mo, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 - using one of the Far Far Away fabrics shown with white cotton muslin for the lining and a white cotton bias tape at the bottom.

Shown above are unicorn in orange & blush, and princess in blush, pink and blue/orange. Please leave a comment in this post to enter and comments will close on Friday September 18th at 7PM. Good luck!



  1. I'm not attempting to win (since I don't have any girls! but wait.. I know some! hehe!) But ya I totally kwim with the sticky double gauze. I learned to use it to my advantage too. You are using my favorite fabrics ya know :)

    Beautiful work Sherri. As always, I am very impressed! xo

  2. Really, Sherri! I can't believe you are new to this. You are fab!

  3. The dress looks so dreamy Sherri!! Perfect choice for little princesses everywhere. I would love to enter to win a dress for my youngest Ciara. She's 6 and would love one in pink princess if possible.
    Fingers crossed!!!!

  4. Ok, so I already own two of your dresses and I LOVE them! I would love to have yet another one for my Olivia. Your fabrics are amazing and you do great work! Can't wait to see more designs!

  5. Oh wow - what an awesome giveaway. My cousin's baby just turned one, and would look so cute in one of those dresses!

    I'd love to win (ps - I heard about the giveaway from comfortstitching's blog)

  6. Amazing work and amazing give away!! I know my little Jordyn would look so cute in one of your dresses.

  7. ooooo i would love to win a dress for my little princess

    (another one come via comfort stitching)

  8. That dress is gorgeous! You're right; I would have wondered before sewing whether such a large print would look good on a dress, but it looks awesome! I have three little princesses (13 month old twins and a 5-year-old), all of whom would LOVE to wear that dress!

    What a great giveaway!

  9. this is so adorable! can i enter even though i don't have a little one? (not yet, anyway!) i just adore the white bias tape on the bottom! thanks for such a great giveaway!

  10. Can I enter? You know Delainey would look super adorable in that dress!! :o)

  11. What a lovely dress, and lovely daughter loves the story of princess and the pea...thanks for the chance...
    i found you thru comfortstitching also!
    krousegirl2 at aol dot com

  12. Wow!!! What a fantastic giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win. My 4 yr old daughter would literally jump out of her skin for a dress like that.
    Andi :-)

  13. OOOOh la la! How cute is that?! I would love to enter you give away dress. Big sissy always gets all the new cute stuff so if we win, this time it will be for little sissy for once. LOL!

    Erin is my SIL and informed me about the fab give away and cute site.

    Thanx for chance!

  14. Goodness, I would love one for my daughter. It is so adorable!

  15. that is a beautiful dress. i love that fabric.